Educación Biocéntrica

Biocentric Education or the Real Education

Biocentric is a word composed with bio (life) and centric (in centre), so Biocentric means A Life in centre, all actions that we do have an objective, to promote an harmonic evolution of Life. When an individual is the centre, the conception of the Life is androcentric. This is our present: we are disconnected at circles of life, its evolution, we have lost (the) respect for life.

In the Biocentric thinking, life is intrinsically linked to organic and ecological life on Earth. The human being is a living agent who could promote their creativity to facilitate the expression of healthy life, using his intelligence, knowledge and technology for the development of this life.

In education, this thought is demonstrated by applying a methodology based mainly on three thinkers: Paulo Freire with his Popular Education, Edgar Morin with Complex Thought and Rolando Toro with Affective Intelligence. There are many thinkers resting this offer like Humberto Maturana, Vigotzi, …. and others.

The word education has his origin in Latin, where its means is “to extract sheen, polish”. The way of extracting sheen in people was principally, the observation, through questions and answers in a circle where knowledge is created between all participants and observers of the circle. They were debating all questions about life, human beings, universe, cosmos,…

In the period of Illustration, knowledge was the exclusive property of illustrators; Good and His ministers, The King and some select few ones near at the interested Power. In this context, the children were like a white book where the teacher or any qualified person, said what was a Life, what are its Laws and what is correct or incorrect about how is everything. In this perception, the children are product of a factory where you are training them to be one more in the system, one more in the market, one more is serving a devastating present system.

In our body, we have all knowledge about the Life, in our cells and DNA. We could change the verb to learn by to apprehend because only apprehending is how potentially our intrinsic potentials, our perceptions, our intuition, our singularity.

The knowledge is a communitarian construction where all people are important because we are alive like the threes, the animals and all that is alive. Each person is unique and live inside all the answers about Life. Then, the teacher could be a guide, a companion that stimulates. We are like a seed that knows who it is. Only need spaces wherever we are.

We are human and we are able to change the world into a better one.

This is just an introduction about Biocentric Education. If you want to know more, link here.


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